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Delicious Chocolate Gifts

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Show your clients and employees how much you appreciate them by giving our award-winning chocolates. We offer free gift-wrapping and discounts up to 20%!


These discounts will be automatically given at checkout:

Receive a 5% discount for purchasing 20 or more 1 lb boxes

Receive a 10% discount for purchasing 40 or more 1 lb boxes

Receive a 15% discount for purchasing 60 or more 1 lb boxes

Please note, discounts will only apply to products placed on this page and these discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts and promotions.

Gift Messaging

If you have different messages you want to send to different people or groups of people, please add each message to the cart separately.

For example, you are purchasing milk chocolate cherry cordials and would like one message to go to 25 people and another message going to the other 25 people. Add 25 milk chocolate cordials to the cart with one message and then add 25 milk chocolate cordials to the cart with the other message. 

You can send as many boxes as you want to any location you desire. Refer to the "Multiple ship-to locations" section below. 


We have a low flat-rate shipping for every address you deliver to. 

Multiple ship-to locations

You can ship to multiple locations from one order. In order to do this, follow these instructions:

First - Create an account or Login to your existing account (Our system only allows multiple ship-to locations on one order for logged-in accounts)

Second - Click on the "Ship to multiple addresses" link in step two (Shipping) of checkout


Third - Select an existing address or create a new one for each item. 


Fourth - Complete your order

**Please note that shipping is charged per location (not per order) and Free Shipping applies only to each shipment (not order) of $80 or more.**

If you have any questions or need help, please contact us