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Corporate discounts




Corporate Gifts and Volume Discounts

Use the Coupon Below at Checkout


Pounds Ordered


Retail Price 


Discount %


Discount $


Discounted Price


Coupon Code

$490+ in product (Approx. 20+)
$24.95-$25.95 10% $2.49-$2.59/lb $22.46-23.36/lb take10
$990+ in product (Approx. 40+)  $24.95-$25.95 15% $3.74-$3.89/lb $21.21-$22.06/lb take15
$1,490+ in product (Approx. 60+) $24.95-$25.95 20% $4.99-5.19/lb $19.96-$20.76/lb take20
80+ Call 801-677-8888


 Corporate and volume discounts cannot be combined with other offers and discounts (including combos)



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