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Frequently asked Question Q & A

Q & A

How long will my chocolates last?  We do not add preservatives so we recommend eating them with in a month or less.  If you want to keep them longer up to 3 month store them in a cool (58 deg or less) odor free location.

Allergies.All or chocolates are made in the same factory and on the equipment that processes Nuts, Gluten, Eggs, Soy, Coconut Oil and may contain traces.  If you are highly allergic to any of these items we strongly do not recommend our chocolates.  If you are only trying to avoid these items you decide.  

Can I delay my shipment.  Yes at check out you are given on option to enter a future delivery date on or before the date wanted.  We will do our best to get it there by the day requested but cannot guarantee it. 

How long will my order take to for delivery.  Most orders will ship in 1-2 days.  Holidays will some times take a few extra days.  We ship all orders from Utah.  On average orders take 1-6 days to arrive depending how close your state is.  All shipping companies are overwhelmed and understaffed which may cause additional time to arrive.  Please allow plenty of time for shipment to arrive.

Will I be emailed a tracking number?  You should receive 5 automatic emails once your order is placed.  First will thank you for your order.  Second will be sent when the order is printed and we begin processing your order.  Third will be sent when your order is completed and the shipping label is printed.  The tracking number will be included with this email.  It takes 24hours for the shipping company to update the order and the delivery date. You can click on the link and it will show you the status of your order. Fourth email will be sent when the order is delivered.  Occasionally orders are marked delivered prior to the actual delivery.  Fifth one you will receive about 10 days as a follow up email asking for any feedback and to leave a review if you would like to.

What if I cannot find my order once it is delivered? First do not panic as mentioned above occasionally shipping companies will mark a package delivered prior to the actual delivery.  Next check around your property, in corners behind wall etc. Sometimes they try to place your order out of site and they can be hard to find.  Ask your family, friends or neighbors to see if they picked up your package for you to avoid theft.  99% of all order that are missing are found if they do these simple steps.  If you still cannot find it check your first email to make sure you put in the correct address.  If you entered the correct address call us and we will call the shipping company to verify if the shipment was delivered to your address.  If it is verified we are sorry if your package was stolen but we cannot replace it.  We shipped the order and it was delivered 

What shipping companies do we use?  We use FedEx for most larger orders back east.  UPS is used for smaller order and mostly the western states.  We try to avoid USPS they are having a hard time getting the packages delivered in a timely manor. 

What if my order is wrong, damaged or melted, Return and refunds?  Chocolates are perishable.  We guarantee our shipments.  If we sent the wrong product, it was damaged or melted send a photo to of what we sent you and we will ship the correct product, refund or credit your account.  Do not throw away products until you have contacted us.

Can I ship to multiple addresses in the same order?  Yes at check out select ship to multiple addresses.  Choose where to ship each item by clicking the arrow next to each product and entering a new address or selecting an address you have already shipped to that is in your address file.  To save you time add all you products first to the order.

What did the terms say that I agreed to when I made the purchase?  I will read the order confirmation email immediately after placing the order and confirm the addresses and all products are correct.  If I do not receive an email I will call or email to get another one sent.  Mrs. Cavanaugh's is not responsible to reship orders with wrong addresses or products.   Please call us immediately at 801-677-8888 or email us at and we will be happy to correct your order before it is shipped.  Once the order is shipped we are not responsible to reship or refund your order if it is wrong.  If your order is delayed in transit we are sorry.  We will not reship a new order until two weeks have passed from when it was shipped.  If you want a refund, return the unopened package at your expense to us, once the order is received we will give you a full refund.  I understand if there is a problem with the order I will contact Mrs. Cavanaugh's immediately, send a photo if needed and keep the products until the issues is resolved.  I understand if I am shipping to a public building, hospital, retirement home, etc that packages are often taken by employees and are not delivered.  Mrs Cavanaugh's shipped the product and will not reship the order.   


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