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Our story

It all started with her aunt’s pecan-rolls recipe. As she made them for the first time, Marie Cavanaugh added her own little twist and the treat became a hit with her friends and neighbors, who then encouraged her to open her own candy business. Dipping chocolates and making pecan rolls became a homemade staple for holiday gifting, and soon she expanded, enlisting her husband and five children to help meet her rising demands. The rest is chocolate history!

Understanding that Utah was the place for chocolatiers and candy-masters, the Cavanaugh family moved in 1972 from their South Dakota cattle ranch to the state where she could both enjoy and compete with those craftsmen who take pride in creating excellent chocolates. While the move was a difficult decision, their new adventure was something that they were more than excited to follow. They gave their new adventure the name Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies, and it quickly became a great success.

Over 40 years and millions of customers later, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies is a chocolate and candy company that is known throughout the country for its remarkable taste, texture and dedication to excellence—qualities which have been unwavering since the very first pecan roll that Mrs. Cavanaugh created. Thanks to the great advances of the late 20th and 21st century, Mrs. Cavanaugh's launched this website that allows you to buy our chocolates online. 

Ask any chocolate aficionado, any child or adult, anyone who loves candy, and they’ll point you in our direction. Find out why for yourself, and get a box of chocolates for you and for that special someone.

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