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Best of State

Mrs. Marie Cavanaugh and her husband George Cavanaugh accept Utah's 2005 Best of State Award for Candy / Confectionary


The Best of State Award is Utah’s award of recognition to businesses, individuals, or organizations that have shown outstanding performance in their field, creativity, and contribution to the community. Due to our passion for what we do, our dedication to doing it excellently, and our love for the community which has allowed us to thrive, Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies has earned this award several times for the Candy/Confectionery category—an accomplishment we are proud to maintain. Thank you for your support through the dedication you have to eating our boxed chocolates or sharing a chocolate gift basket to enrich your community.

The Best of State Award is a remarkable way to get people to come together, performing at their highest caliber and inspiring those around them to do the same, in order to share their experiences, learn from mistakes, and, each year, do their best to do better. Because of this, we have seen drastic improvements in the community, and as Utah is a wonderful place to live and work, it’s hard to imagine what the awards will bring year after year.

The objective judging process is based on the merits of each applicant, not on a weighted scale with other applicants, and each application is reviewed privately by its judges. Every year, over 100 judges come to review the nominations, and each is judged based on:

  • How the nomination has excelled in their field – 50% of the vote
  • How creative or innovative the nomination has been in handling process, techniques or approaches – 30% of the vote
  • How the nomination has contributed to the quality of life in the state – 20% of the vote

Learn more about the small business awards and see other recipients at the Best of State website.