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Cherry Cordials

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 Cherry Cordials

The best Cherry Cordial in the world! We work hard to keep up with the high demand for these world famous, "like-no-other" large, home-fashioned cherry cordial chocolates.

We use only the premium Grade A cherries in our Cherry Cordials. Every cordial is individually inspected to meet our high standards.

The cherry is coated with our secret recipe and then smothered in a rich coat of premium milk or dark chocolate. Mrs. Cavanaugh's Cherry Cordials include approximately 22 (product is sold by weight) delicious cordials per pound.

Signed with love - all of our cherries are hand marked with a C on top.

The 1lb. box contains approx. 22 Cherry Cordials.  Mrs. Cavanaugh's Cherry Cordial assorted box is available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or a mix of the two chocolates in a variety of sizes.

If you are interested in including Cherry Cordials as part of a mixed box, visit our "Create-a-box" page.

5-star.png "The cherry is huge, and the sweet liquid inside is just the way a cherry cordial should be. No one else comes close to making these the right way.  Just love them!!  The chocolate is perfect too." - Laura      

5-star.png "These are the very best cherry cordials we've ever eaten, and we eat them all the time!" - Anonymous     

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  • 5
    Chocolate covered cherries.

    Posted by Julie Secondino on 14th Feb 2018

    Excellent candy. My son in-law said "these are the best Chocolate covered that I have ever tasted."

  • 5
    Chocolate covered cherries

    Posted by Diane Robison on 14th Feb 2018

    I bought the dark chocolate covered cherries for Valentines Day, he loved them. I will be back for more

  • 4
    Chocolate Covered Cherries

    Posted by Jamie L. Mayhew on 8th Feb 2018

    Just loved these! They are delicious . . . the cherries are nice and plump and the liquid filling is yummy! I think the dark chocolate is a bit better than the milk chocolate, but still . . . scrumptious!!

  • 5
    Cherry Cordials

    Posted by Linda on 6th Feb 2018

    I always choose dark chocolate for my cherry cordials, and until now have only been happy with Godiva. So, I initially ordered them in dark chocolate. They were far less sweet than I have previously encountered, but after adjusting to that I liked them very much. Milk chocolate is my preference overall, but too sweet in a cherry cordial. However, due to the fact that these are not very sweet (in a good way), the milk chocolate works perfectly and this combination is my favorite. I am now ruined - I must have these delicious, fresh, large, handmade cordials with their wonderfully thick walls of creamy chocolate. If you appreciate quality candy, you will enjoy these. They were also very well packaged and shipped right away, and there are specials and sales periodically. It is a pleasure, especially in this day and age, to for once get what you pay for!

  • 5
    Dark Chocolate Cherry Cordials

    Posted by Mark Letourneau on 6th Feb 2018

    Absolutely the best Cherry Cordials I have ever had. The dark chocolate is professionaly tempered and provides that expected snap and velvet texture you want in chocolate. The exceptional draw to these cordials is that they are truly a liquid center. The plump and moist cherry is not overly sweet with a refreshing slight tartness -simply AMAZING! I have tried multiple cherry cordials from Sanders and Godiva, and in my opinion, Mrs. Cavanaugh's Cherry Cordials are hands down the best confectionary delights available!

  • 5
    cherry cordials

    Posted by Bev on 27th Jan 2018

    ordered them as a gift for my mother: she approves and is scrambling to finish them before lent starts!

  • 5

    Posted by Christine M Jasikoffour valued customer, on 12th Jan 2018

    Although I have not tasted the cherry cordials myself, my Aunt who is 96 y/o, swears that these are the best cherry cordials that money can buy! I send her the dark chocolate cherry cordials, and her and her 2 sons swear that there is nothing close to what Mrs Cavanaugh's has made! Because of this, I often send either the 1 or 2 lb box of dark cherry cordials and her and my 2 cousins just love them! Mrs Cavanaugh's has made me a continued customer, and their staff are just wonderful too! My Aunt says that they are the Best! I only go by this! Thank you, Mrs Cavanaugh's! From your loyal customer, Chris J.

  • 5
    Best cherry cordials

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Dec 2017

    Bought these for my husband. On Christmas day he was raving about them. He passed them around to our kids and they loved them too. Everyone cherry cordials ever!!!

  • 5
    excellent quality

    Posted by Laurie Trlak on 29th Dec 2017

    Wonderful flavor, not as sweet as the ones found at Walmart. First rate chocolate.