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Meet Mrs. Cavanaugh

Meet Mrs. CavanaughBorn in West Jordan, UT, Marie Cavanaugh was raised in a family of seven children in the small southern community of Green River. It took a special set of skills in order to cook not just food, but quality, delicious meals perfectly accented with decadent desserts for a family this large—and Marie had it. 

When she was 18, Marie left home in order to attend college, where she met George, her future husband. As newlyweds, the two moved to his cattle ranch in South Dakota where Marie learned quickly that excellence pays large dividends and that she had a talent, not only for fine chocolates, but for business. Soon she combined the two, creating a reputation that would become known across the nation for a level of quality that makes our customers return again and again. From gourmet chocolate gifts around the holdiays to entrepenuring her business for online chocolates nationwide, Mrs. Cavanaugh has a knack for sharing her sweetness. 

Now, nearly 50 years after they first opened the doors to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Candies, Mrs. Cavanaugh and her family are still crafting a legacy with every single chocolate. 

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