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Three month "Chocolate of the month" subscription

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Receive or give a box of chocolates for three months! This makes a great gift for family, friends, co-workers, employees, etc. 

The process is simple. We will ship a box of chocolates immediately and then approximately every 30 days thereafter - its that easy. After three shipments, the subscription will automatically end. For each shipment you will be charged the amount shown above, plus $6 for shipping. 

Here is the list of the chocolates you will receive when your subscription falls on the corresponding month:

January - 1 lb Nuts and Chews Assortment

February - 1 lb Famous Traditional Assortment

March - 1 lb Seasonal Easter Assortment

April - 1 lb Famous Creams without nuts Assortment

May - 1 lb Truffle Assortment

June - 1 lb Famous Traditional Assortment

July - 1 lb Caramelicious Assortment

August - 1 lb Sandwich Mints

September - 1 lb Cavaliers (Turtle)

October - 1 lb Nuts and Chews Assortment

November - 1 lb Famous Traditional Assortment

December - 1 lb Seasonal Christmas Assortment

Please note: Additional coupons and discounts do not apply to this subscription which has already been discounted.