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Three Month Single Assortment Subscription

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Now you can subscribe to to the assortment of your choice and receive it monthly for three months!

Great gift item!

Choose between our Famous Traditional Assortment, Nuts and Chews Assortment, Caramelicious Assortment, Truffle Assortment, Cherry Cordials, Famous Cremes with nuts or without nuts.

The process is simple. We will ship a box of the assortment you choose right away and then an additional box approximately every 30 days thereafter - its that easy. Shipments will stop after you (or the person you are gifting to) have received three boxes of chocolates. For each shipment you will be charged $23.95 amount shown above, plus $6 for shipping ($89.85 total over three months). 

Please note: Additional coupons and discounts do not apply to this subscription.