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Apricot Crème

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Silky smooth apricot flavored crème smothered in milk or dark chocolate – made with real apricots!

Our Apricot Creme Chocolates are made from scratch with thick whipping cream and fresh ingredients. We craft these creams the old-fashioned way and don't take shortcuts with just-add-water mixes - you will taste the difference!

There are approximately 18-22 delicious Apricot Creme Chocolates per pound (our gourmet chocolates are sold by weight, not by count). Please note that images on this product page are one pound boxes.

Purchase full boxes of our chocolate covered Opera Cremes on this page or you can include them as part of a custom box in our "create a box" section. They are also included in our Famous Cremes without nuts AssortmentFamous Cremes with and without nuts Assortment, and Famous Traditional Assortment.

If you are interested in seeing all the wonderful cremes we have to offer, visit our Cremes section and if you would like to see what our chocolate cremes look like on the inside, visit our chocolate options page.