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Customer Labeled Chocolates

16th Sep 2015

Are you a business owner that always likes to go the extra mile to impress your customers? Instead of having that typical, overplayed bowl of complimentary mints class up your establishment with handmade truffle chocolates wrapped in your custom logo. Buy our Mindy Mint chocolate truffles online and have them perfectly wrapped in your logo. It is more affordable than you think to order custom wrapped truffle chocolates, and it adds just the right amount of personal touch and effort to your business image.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply send your business logo to Mrs. Cavanaugh’s and we will create custom chocolate wrappers for your business specifically. Let us help you mix up the world of mints with our delicious Mindy Mint Chocolate Truffles wrapped in your custom logo. Our truffles will leave a lasting impression on your customers, leaving them eager to stop back in.

What Are The Costs?

There is a one-time startup fee of four hundred dollars for getting your custom wrapped truffles started. This Covers you for ten thousand custom logo wrappers and the printing plates that it takes to create them. Then you just order the minty truffle chocolates as you need them. They are sold in cases of six hundred pieces each. Each truffle costs thirty-five cents. Thirty five cents a customer for a lasting, savory impression? That’s a small price to pay!

What are you waiting for? Buy chocolate online now! Order your custom wrapped truffles!