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Gourmet Easter Gift Box - 12 pc

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Save 26% with our Gourmet Easter Gift Box

- 1 lb box of chocolates (Traditional, Nuts and Chews, Mindy Mint Truffle, Assorted Truffles, Caramelicious, Cavalier, Famous Cremes without nuts, Famous Cremes with & without nuts, Crazy for Caramels or Cherry Cordial)

- 3 Gourmet Easter Chocolate Bars:

  Mindy Mint Truffle Milk Chocolate

  Caramel Bar Milk Chocolate

  Chocolate Truffle Milk Chocolate

- 5 oz Pick your own Eggs (Personalized)

- 4 oz Milk Chocolate Panned Almonds

- 4 oz Foiled Milk Chocolate Eggs

- 4 oz Milk Chocolate Cinnamon Bears

- 4 oz Holland Mints

- 7 oz Granny Fudge

- 4 oz Deluxe Nuts

- 4 oz Gummy Bear White Chocolate


A box full of delicious treats that hit the spot.

(Items could be substituted without notice with similar value.)