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Mindy Mint Truffle

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Mint Chocolate Truffles Too Good To Pass Up 


Calling all who love mint chocolate! Have you tried our most popular chocolate yet?

 These amazing mint chocolate truffles are named after one of Mrs. Cavanaugh's granddaughters. Just like Mindy, these truffles are sweet and vibrant.

 Our melt-in-your-mouth Mindy Mint Truffles are made with premium chocolate and our own custom pure peppermint extract oil for a taste that keeps you coming back again and again. There are approximately 23 (sold by weight) delicious Mindy Mint Truffles per pound.

 Indulge in the irresistible combination of rich chocolate and cool mint with our delectable Mint Chocolate Truffles. These delightful confections are the perfect treat for any chocolate lover looking for a refreshing twist.

 But it's not just the filling that makes these truffles so exceptional. The outer layer boasts a silky coating of luscious chocolate coating, perfectly complementing the mint extract-infused center. It's a harmonious combination that will have your taste buds dancing with joy.


Chocolate Mint Truffle Gift Boxes


Peppermint truffles made to blow you away. Versatile and irresistible, our Mint Chocolate Truffles are not only a treat for yourself but also make an unforgettable gift.

 Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one or add a touch of elegance to a special occasion, these truffles are guaranteed to impress.

But don't just take our word for it – our customers can't get enough of these heavenly peppermint candy creations. They're raving about the melt-in-your-mouth texture and the delightful interplay of chocolate and mint flavors.

Mrs. Cavanaugh's Mindy Chocolate Mint box is available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or a mix of the two chocolates in a variety of sizes.


If you purchase multiple pounds and would like them to be packaged in separate 1-lb boxes, please mention this in the order notes and we will be happy to do this for you. Purchase full boxes on this page - if you would like to include Mindy Mint Truffles as part of a mixed box, please visit our "create a box" section.

 If you like dark in the center as well as an outer coating, we also have a dark chocolate Mindy Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles with a dark creamy chocolate center. Visit our Mindnight Mindy Mint Dark Truffle.




**Milk Chocolate: sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate, soy lecithin and vanilla.

**Dark Chocolate: sugar, chocolate liquor, chocolate liquor processed with alkali, cocoa butter, butterfat [milk], soy lecithin and vanilla.

CONTAINS: Milk, Soybeans.

May Contain: Wheat, Eggs, tree nuts, and Peanuts.




Posted by Karen on 21st Nov 2016

These melt in your mouth chocolates are my absolute favorite. The world seems to stand still as the minty goodness melts in your mouth. It's like a little piece of heaven .





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  • 5
    Mindy Mint Truffle

    Posted by Tom on 6th Feb 2022

    Lovely delicious fine chocolates, you won't be disappointed. Dark semi sweet shell with a perfect creamy mint chocolate center.

  • 5
    Mindy Mint Truffle

    Posted by Kristen Muha on 5th Feb 2022

    I just love the Mindy Mint Truffles. There was a local candy store that carried mint truffles that had closed and for years I had been looking for mint truffles that were comparable, and finally found them! These are the best!!

  • 5

    Posted by Barbara L Haas-Johnson on 29th Dec 2021

    These are the most melt in your mouth candies. Brings back memories of Christmas with Bavarian mints. YUMMMMM!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Barbara L Haas-Johnson on 29th Dec 2021

    These are the most melt in your mouth candies. Brings back memories of Christmas with Bavarian mints. YUMMMMM!!!

  • 5
    Mindy Mint Truffle

    Posted by Gail on 5th Dec 2021

    If you are still looking for a Milk Chocolate Mint candy, you need to look no further. I am absolutely addicted. So smooth. Sometimes I like to cut them in two and savor in my mouth with a little hot coffee. Too, too good.

  • 5
    A very good little chocolate mint.

    Posted by Donna F Davis on 2nd Dec 2021

    Not quite as good as the chocolate mint candy bar, but good enough you won't want to stop eating them after you open the box.

  • 5
    Mindy Mints and Candy Corn

    Posted by Patricia Payne on 18th Nov 2021

    I have loved your Mindy Mints since I first tasted them in FL, and I first tasted your ?Candy Corn since we had so

  • 5
    one of my favorites

    Posted by Barbara Schumann on 14th Oct 2021

    The best ever mint truffles - smooth, creamy melts in your mouth. Excellent chocolate to mint ratio.

  • 5
    Dark Chocolate Mindy Mints

    Posted by Dan James on 21st Jul 2021

    The dark choc. Mindy Mints are my wife's favorite candies of all types (except for just plain 90% cocoa dark chocolate). I order 10 lbs at a time because she'll consume a box per week (with a bit of help from me). If Mrs. C. made one with less sugar, we'd buy them, too; but eaten in moderation, these are a close to perfection as a chocy can get!

  • 5
    Best Mindy Mints out there

    Posted by Russ on 1st Jun 2021

    I've been buying chocolates from Ms Cavanaugh's for over 40yrs. Arguably the best chocolates out there in the marketplace. And their caramel corn is to die for! I live in MN now but I order online and have product shipped all over the country to family and friends because it''s that good! Try them out; you won't be disappointed!!!