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My Valentine Deluxe Assortment - 1 lb

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Gourmet Sweetheart Assortment 1 lb

Celebrate the Valentine holiday with this specialty themed box of our gourmet chocolates! Great for parties and gifts! This assortment is topped with a beautiful red heart gift wrapped lid and includes the following chocolates and caramels:  

Double heart Chocolate Truffle

2 Milk chocolate Peanut butter hearts with red stripes

1 White chocolate caramel heart with red stripes

1 Milk chocolate almond cluster

1 Red foiled Mindy Mint Truffle

2 Red foiled chocolate hearts

2 Milk chocolate sea salt caramels

1 White Chocolate Trinidad

2 Milk chocolate cavaliers (turtles)

1 Milk chocolate strawberry cream

1 Milk chocolate orange cream

1 Milk chocolate lemon cream

1 Milk chocolate haystack

1 Stand up caramel

1 Milk chocolate dipping caramel

1 Milk chocolate Brady (coconut caramel)

**Chocolates my be substituted without notice.