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Still time for Valentine's Day?

We understand that the timing of your delivery is crucial for your holiday plans. This page will help you plan accordingly. 

General shipping guidelines:

Shipments are generally delivered between 2-5 business days from order date. (1-2 business days to process and ship, and 1-3 business days in transit). 

Our flat-rate shipping option is sent via Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS), which ships to the lower 48 states in 1-3 business days. Although we have had great results with Priority Mail, please keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed service.

To determine whether your shipment should arrive by your desired date through our flat-rate shipping option, find your ship-to residence in the USPS Priority Mail map below to obtain the transit time. Add one business day to the transit number in order to determine total shipping time (keep in mind that weekends are not order processing or transit days).  

Specific Valentine's Day 2018 guidelines:

Although not guaranteed, orders should deliver by Valentine's Day when placed according to the instructions below: 

1 DAY and 2 DAY - Order by noon (MST) on Monday February 12th

3 DAY - Order by noon (MST) on Friday February 9th

You can also choose UPS overnight, which is a guaranteed service. Orders placed by noon (MST) should ship out the same day, orders placed after noon (MST) will generally ship out the next business day. Do not count the day the order is shipped as a transit day. Also, keep in mind that UPS does not count Saturdays or Sundays as transit or delivery days. You will see the charge for UPS shipping at checkout.

For UPS overnight delivery, orders must be placed by noon on February 13th, 2018 


Please note: Transit time estimates are provided by the United States Postal Service and are not guaranteed 

Our "No-melt Promise" lets you order with confidence.

For additional shipping information please see our "Shipping and Returns" page.

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