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Pairing Your Chocolates

12th Nov 2015

If you’re giving the gift of chocolate this season, why not pair your chocolates with other delightful treats? Chocolate pairs well with all sorts of goodies.


Chocolate covered strawberries? Orange-flavored chocolates? Yes please. We’re not sure if it can be proven scientifically, but we’re pretty sure that every fruit tastes a little bit better with chocolate. Experiment for yourself.


What’s better than sweet? Sweet and salty. Combining chocolate with a salted roasted nut is pure bliss. Attain nirvana. Eat chocolate covered nuts.


Peppermint, spearmint, any mint is good infused with chocolate. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is a classic staple in any creamery’s line-up.


The crisp crunch of a chocolate covered pretzel is delightful. Pairing chocolate with pretzels satisfies us foodies who live for texture as well as taste.


If you haven’t tried chocolate and cheese, well, you simply haven’t lived. It’s comparable with going to the moon. Or seeing your first-born child graduate. Or signing a peace treaty between vampires and unicorns. Base jumping off of the Eiffel Tower at midnight on New Year's into a pool of champagne.


Chocolate-covered bacon. That is all.